Adapt and thrive: Building a climate-resilient Aotearoa New Zealand

Closed 3 Jun 2022

Opened 27 Apr 2022

Results updated 16 Aug 2022

See Aotearoa New Zealand's first national adaptation plan - published 3 August 2022

From 27 April to 3 June 2022, the Ministry for the Environment consulted on proposals to address the risks Aotearoa New Zealand faces from climate change. This included the draft national adaptation plan, information on the early development of a managed retreat system, and emerging issues relating to residential home insurance for flood risk.

Thank you to all who made a submission.

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Published responses

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All New Zealanders can adapt to the locked-in effects of climate change. The sooner we act, the more effective that action will be.

We sought your feedback on the plan. It’s been put together so we can minimise the damage from a changing climate. We asked about how climate change is affecting you, potential impacts you are concerned about, actions you are taking and what other actions are needed.