Freshwater farm plan regulations

Closes 7 Oct 2021

Opened 26 Jul 2021


Freshwater farm plans were introduced last year as part of the Government’s Essential Freshwater package. They are intended to provide a practical way for farmers to meet the freshwater standards and to reduce regulatory burden. 

Why your views matter

We are seeking feedback on the implementation and transition of all farmers to the freshwater farm plan system including:

  • content of freshwater farm plans
  • what outcomes could be achieved
  • how plans could be certified, audited and amended.

We are also encouraging all farmers to:

  • take the time to understand how the freshwater farm plan system will affect them
  • get started now on the practical steps they can put in place to make the transition easier.

Read our discussion document on Freshwater farm plan regulations [PDF 1.1MB]

Read the summary of the discussion document [PDF 285KB]

We are consulting, at the same time, on Stock exclusion regulations: changes to the low slope map. We are seeking feedback on the balance between using the low-slope maps and freshwater farm plans for identifying areas for stock exclusion.

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