Managing our wetlands

Closes 27 Oct 2021

Opened 1 Sep 2021


Wetlands play an important role in maintaining the health of New Zealand’s waters.  But New Zealand’s wetlands are at risk. Ninety per cent of wetlands have been lost since human settlement began and there is ongoing degradation and loss. The Government is committed to preserving the ecological value of wetlands.

Why we are consulting

Following stakeholder feedback, we are proposing to make the following amendments to natural wetland provisions in the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management and National Environmental Standards for Freshwater.

  • Make the definition of 'natural wetland' clearer.
  • Make it easier to undertake maintenance and restoration activities in and around natural wetlands.
  • Provide regulatory provision for biosecurity activities in and around natural wetlands.
  • Including Resource Management Act 1991 consenting pathways for quarrying, landfills, cleanfills and managed fills, mineral mining and urban development.

Read the discussion document on Managing our wetlands [PDF, 3.1MB]

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