Reducing the impact of plastic on our environment

Closes 4 Dec 2020

Opened 10 Nov 2020


Plastic is fundamental to today’s world. But when it is overused, not disposed of properly, or escapes into the environment, it can cause significant damage.


This tool provides you the opportunity to give feedback on two proposals.

Proposal one is a phase out of hard-to-recycle plastic types like polyvinyl chloride (plastic type 3) food and beverage packaging, polystyrene food and beverage packaging and expanded polystyrene (plastic type 6), and all oxo-degradable plastic items.

Proposal two seeks feedback on phasing-out more single-use plastic items like produce bags, drink stirrers, non-compostable fruit stickers, tableware, some cups and their lids, cotton buds, and straws. 

You can read more about the proposals, view a summary consultation document or the full consultation document by following the links at the bottom of this page.

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