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  • Feedback on Council Toolkit for Kerbside Standardisation

    On 1 February items collected in household kerbside recycling was standardised. To support this, the Ministry for the Environment created a toolkit for councils to use. The toolkit included assets to support councils to launch standardised kerbside recycling, as well as icons and assets to support councils to roll-out new kerbside organic and recycling collections. More
    Closes 26 April 2024
  • Fast-track approval applications

    The Fast-track Approvals Bill will include two Schedules of listed projects: Schedule 2 Part A Projects will be referred directly to an Expert Panel and will not go through the Ministerial referral process included in the legislation. Schedule 2 Part B Projects will still need to be referred by the Minister to the Expert Panel, but have demonstrated that they are regionally or nationally significant. This is the application form to have your project included in... More
    Closes 3 May 2024
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